Welcome to my classroom blog where you can find materials useful for interpreting literature, writing, and reading good book.

I have been an avid life-long learner and reader for a long, long time — 60 years at least! I started going to the library and experiencing books with my mom well before I could walk. My understanding of history comes from reading hundreds of romance and historical novels as well as classics. My understanding of the world around me and its magical mysteries come from my eclectic readings in Taoism, quantum mechanics, metaphysics, mythology, mysticism.

I became a teacher because I love the experience of reading, of recognizing intertextual references, and of understanding the macro and micro meanings in texts. In the 20 years I have been teaching the idea of a text has changed and I have embraced visual and digital literacy with my iPad. I often fall into the rabbit hole of the internet while tracing a thread of a text looking up words, historical references, maps — you get the picture.

I have traveled to Florence partly inspired by a book and am planning a trip soon to seen Norwich, England because of a series of books I have been reading. My travels have led to a self-published book titled Like an Elephant (under the pen name Becky Walters) about Sri Lanka and Buddhism on that lovely island.

I invite you to join me in my exploration of poems, play, novels, and films.

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